I have little interest in politics particularly now that it is dominated by ‘political correctness’ and ‘financial considerations’.

Tony Blur never said anything that wasn’t fuzzy, Boredom Brown had the charisma of a freshly painted piece of wood left out to dry and the present incumbents of the highest positions in the British political sphere, David Cam-moron, with his side-kick Nick Clogs, seem to be frightened of shadows – each and everyone guaranteed to help you sleep.


I want someone to be in charge who has an extremely good brain and with a sense of humour. Someone with character. Someone that has the confidence to not worry about looking like an idiot. Someone that I can trust and yet laugh at.
The present Major of London, Doris Johnson, fits the bill nicely.
Today I’m starting an official campaign to make Doris the Minister-in-Charge of everything.
I have thought long and hard about using my considerable influence to select the next Prime Minister and I can think of no other suitable candidate.

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures.