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I’m organised. Everything is ready. Roll on Saturday! [that reminds me – buy some deodorant] Healing Magic Hands made a comment the other day that has made me go bananas and buy the bestest gingernuts in the world … [actually they were on offer… somebody’s God is smiling down on me]. As I’ve often heard […]


This coming Saturday is the day that the contents of my brain will be displayed in an area Eight Foot Square. For one afternoon only I will be stripped naked for all to see on the Stade in Hastings. I hope it isn’t going to be chilly. As an added incentive I will be revealing […]


In normal circumstances it is I that is told to sit in the quiet corner and think about what I’ve done. This is Lo, she is a terrible Goddess on the day the 14,341 pirates invaded Hastings. Apparently my behaviour was so bad that she needed to sit in the quiet corner and think about […]


I’m marshalling my troops and preparing them for their appearance on the Stade outside the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings on the afternoon of the 18th August. I’m thinking inside the box and will be trying to teach you how to do the same – it’s quite easy really. Nourish yourselves with gingernuts and forget everything […]


It was a dark and stormy night … no that’s been done … oh I know … The hemispheres of her breasts quivered in eager anticipation of his male hardness .. . no … not novel enough … erm … this is quite tricky … *thinks* … *thinks [hardly]* … *thinks [again]* … *thinks [feeling […]

CAR STORY – Part 4

Desperation. Search radius increased to forty miles. Hours are spent on the interweave. We head North towards London to look at several cars at a particular garage. Unbeknownst to us there are 2 large luxurious Volvos on the forecourt. We sit in them. One has very comfortable leather armchairs for seats with an undergusset heating […]


Tomorrow Lo, she is a terrible Goddess and I are travelling many* miles to experience the deep and meaningful delights of Spamalot. Below is a brief extract I’ve filched from the official website in case you’ve never heard of it. —————————————————————————- Hello. I am an historian. I really am. I have a degree and everything. […]


Stolen from Archie … who no doubt filched it from somebody else. May 2012 follow on from 2011 and so on … Lots of love and gingernuts from DP xxx [Have I survived to see in the New Year? Find out here!]


I’m looking forward to the new film “Thoroughly Modem Millie” where Lo, she is a terrible Goddess takes the role of Julie Andrews in the updated version of “Thoroughly Modern Millie”. An exciting tale of interweave dating, murder, mayhem and soggy gingernuts. Will the boy get the girl? Will the girl be able to get […]

BASED ON A TRUE STORY … in a way – Part One

It’s very unfair. I can’t get to sleep. DP is snoring already, and his legs are going like a Jack Russell after a rabbit. He was complaining of indigestion this evening – an evil portent if ever there was one. Hmm, necessity is the mother of invention. I know! If there was a fan operating […]