Best quotes from the first weekend of my open studio exhibition during the Coastal Currents celebrations in and around Hastings.

Lo, she is a terrible Goddess – “It’s a gas detector. We can’t afford to feed a canary.”

Me as a lovely couple left – “I doubt whether you’ve got any friends but if you have, please invite them to come and visit next weekend.”

A visitor – “I think you misjudged your entry in the Coastal Currents brochure.”

Another visitor – “I’ve had a really crappy week. Thank you very much for cheering me up.”

The two people who ‘got it’ completely and really did make the most incisive observations of anyone were aged 5 and 7. One of them really, really did. If I was one of the parents I’d be very wary. He knows exactly what’s going on and is probably planning a coup. They then started to frighten the two of us as apparently they’d spotted miniature crocodiles in the pond. It wasn’t until we’d calmed ourselves down with a cuppa and a gingernut that we worked out they’d seen some newts.

Tired now. Time for a snooo ………… *crash*

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