… or to put it another way, Open Studio! Time is running out!! *starts to panic and calms down with a gingernut which ruins the diet immediately*.

I’ve discovered that I’m not the only gay person in the village who is opening up their inner sanctums for the Coastal Currents extravaganza during the last two weekends of September.


Anna, who is also terribly gay and annoyingly talented, and her bloke (who is to be known as ‘Sir’ apparently) blagged their way into the Cliff Top Residence the other day and ate all my biscuits. Obviously gingernuts were not offered so it wasn’t a complete disaster. The good thing is that the journey to the village is now well worth the effort as lovers of 3D stuff and of flat things will be very satisfied.
BTW, if you do make the effort to visit please don’t mention sheds. It might cause a little friction between me and Anna. Just sayin’.