After much thought I have decided to make only one new year resolution. Somehow or other, I’ve got to try and be less of a ‘babe magnet’.

I’ve noticed that goddesses have even been crossing to the other side of the street when I walk by, to try and avoid the animal magnetism that pervades my every pore.

My wit, charm, intelligence and modesty must be hidden so that other peabrains stand a chance with the laydeeeeeeeees.

I haven’t taken this decision lightly as I know that goddesses throughout the world will be shedding tears and ripping their hair out in handfuls at this very moment.

If it gets too much to bear, do as Lo she is a terrible Goddess does, feign indifference and accuse me of snoring.
I know the chances are now very slim but do try and have A HAPPY NEW YEAR.