Lo she is a terrible Goddess cut my hair yesterday. I look gorgeous. In fact there really aren’t enough mirrors in the world now. I’m fabulous.

The TG has been cutting my hair since before we got married – so that’s about 45 years.
There was only one occasion when I had to go to a ‘professional’ to have it cut because the TG was suffering from a bad back.

We were living on a boat in Brighton Marina. Luckily there was a uni-sex hairy salon thingy there. I booked myself in.

The whole experience was very upsetting. The lady who cut my hair was very buxom and I swear at one point I was completely surrounded – and we’d only just met! If the same situation crops up again I’ll cut my own hair with a lawn mower and some garden shears or possibly use a blowtorch or I suppose this person might be able to help soon.