There are many advantages to living on a cliff top in an area of outstanding natural beauty and scientific interest. There’s all the wildlife running around, and being able to watch the private aeroplanes and helicopters that fly along using the coast as a navigation aid: always fascinating trying to work out who they might belong to. Apparently, just before we moved here, Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed organised a jolly on his private yacht and parked just off-shore for a weekend. Luminaries were shuttled to the shore to explore and have a BBQ, and young beauties were swimming from the boat. There was also a helicopter which kept bringing new revellers to the yacht. Yes – it was big enough to have a landing pad.

A slightly disturbing sight is that of nudists – probably German – wending their way to the official ‘get your kit off beach’ which is just up the coast a few hundred yards. Unfortunately they all seem to be tubby middle-aged men intent on disrobing early. Oh well.

Have a lovely weekend ……… and keep your clothes on …….


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