By this time next week, with good luck and a following wind, we should be ensconced in a our pad in Portugal.


I’m looking forward to seeing our neighbours Seena and Amorim.

Immediately next door to us is their barn and October is when Amorim fires up his still and makes a rather nice hooch. I was introduced to this last year at 10:30 am. The rest of the day was a bit of a blur. There could be a repeat of this. *note to self – eat a hearty breakfast just in case*

The Portuguese men love to shake hands at every opportunity which is fine and dandy except when, last year, I noted that Amorim had been liberally applying chicken shit to his allotment … by hand. I must admit I avoided him until the next day by which time I’m sure he’d been told to wash by Seena.

Portuguese women love to kiss. This isn’t a problem.