The Coastal Currents Arts Festival 2015 will be kicking off shortly. The brochure is very shiny and very exciting. Hastings and it’s environs will be awash with all things arty. Click HERE to download the brochure.


In the meantime the key to my personal success will rely heavily on trying to expand my taste away from ginger nuts into the heady realms of the custard cream and garibaldi. I’ve foolishly promised that visitors will be able to revive themselves with tea and biscuits and then discovered that not everyone enjoys the delight of the ginger nut. I shall resist making personal comments about people’s taste … but really!!!?! *shakes head in dismay* Anyhoo, I feel that I can’t offer a biscuit that I haven’t tested myself hence my present adventure into discovering the ‘delights’ of choice, a very overrated concept if you ask me.

Right, I must get on, a chocolate digestive is calling me …….

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