(Now shall I comment on the title………… no, far too obvious. Lo,TG Ed)

Those funny people at Iffyton High Street have been persuaded by Kevin at Fuelmyblog, to give away more t-shirts – the fools!! I’ve already mentioned to them my doubts how sound a business plan this is……..

………. but then again it could be what we marketing gurus call a ‘loss leader’ because hot on the heels of the free FMB t-shirts will come some designs associated with Twitter ……….

OK, I reckon they know what they’re doing …… so I’ll offer this one off bespoke high fashion statement, as modelled by Uma Thurman (Uma needs a shave methinks. Lo,TG Ed), as a prize for someone who leaves me a comment during the month of April.

The winner will be selected at random from names pulled out of a cardboard box – if I can find one. Lo, she is a terrible Goddess has very graciously agreed to do the pulling.

The very lucky winner will be notified at the beginning of next month – if I remember.

My business brain is ON FIRE!!!!! ………. I wonder what is meant to happen after that ……… I’m not quite sure how it’s going to make my fortune ……. oh well.


(I can see the loss part – where’s the leader when you need one? Lo,TG Ed)

[PS – please do something with the Humor-Blogs thing over on the right – we all need to make an effort and get my blog near the top because it’s so brilliant – thank you]