Turbo Snake

This a very clever gizmo.

It wiggles it’s way down your plug holes and gathers up all the hair and detritus that restricts your flow. Anything that helps with restricted flow has got to be good!

You’ll notice however that it’s still in it’s packet. There is a very good reason for this.

I put in the plumbing in the Cliff Top Residence and made sure that there was proper access to all problem areas …… *pats self on back*.

However the apartment in Portugal is a completely different kettle of fish. The shower there is a particular problem. I have managed to get copious quantities of hair and sand out of the drains there – long dark straight hair and short grey curly hair – but I know there are more goodies to get out.

The Turbo Snake is the tool for the job! …… so later on this year, it will be going on an extended holiday and will have the opportunity to fulfil it’s destiny ….. I can hardly wait!

Many thanks to JML and Fuel My Blog for providing me with a solution to my bad-flow problem.


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