I’ve often thought I might aspire to being a ‘best before’ date or even a ‘sell by’ date but I never thought I’d be a ‘promo code’…

This popped through my letter box the other day.


I opened it …… like you would…

Celebrations 1

HEY! that’s me!! And on closer inspection I spotted THIS!

Celebrations 2

Blimey, I’m being stalked by a chocolate company! *star jump* – ouch – don’t try that again DP!

I found out how to open it and discovered what happens to be one of my favourite choccy selections in a lickle personalised present…

Celebrations 3

I would have photographed what happened next but quite frankly it wasn’t very pretty; suffice it to say the box and it’s contents didn’t actually survive for long.

I could explain what this is all about but it would much easier for you to put this link into your browser …… ‘LINK’ …… follow the simple instructions and by entering Paper Surfer into the promo code thingy you’ll get 2 for 1 – that means half price!!!

[Whilst I have the ear of the company from Mars I’d like to raise two Very Serious points:

In general terms there are never enough mini Truffles in boxes of Celebrations. This leads to scenes in the Daddy Papersurfer household that wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of Eastenders. (Gertchyer’andsoffmyboxofchoklits! Lo, she is a terrible Peggy.)

Secondly, using your new Interweave service, your selection of possible messages on the front of this marvellous product [Happy Birthday, Well Done, Good Luck etc., is missing the type of message I need most – the ‘I’m Terribly Sorry’ message. I have an urgent gift I need to send to the vicar concerning the incident when I trod on the hemline of his cassock which removed itself from his body and exposed his undercrackers. Luckily I had my camera with me so I can show you the evidence.


I thought that if I sent him some chocolates, a chatty little note and a photograph of Lo, she is a terrible Goddess he might let me back into the church hall so that I can continuing running my ‘Gingernut Appreciation’ lectures.]

(Did I mention that I’d suddenly seen the light? Lo,TG Ed.)


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