To avoid the stress of driving to Norfolk from the south coast on Friday to go to my friend’s funeral I decided to go by train to King’s Lynn; I managed to organise a lift from there to the village church where the funeral was being held.

From the apartment I drove to my local station and caught a train to London Bridge.

From London Bridge I went underground and travelled by tube to Kings Cross station.

At King’s Cross I discovered that a rail had broken on that route and all connections from there to King’s Lynn had been cancelled.

On the advice of a very helpful but harassed member of BR staff, I decided to return to the underground and went across the capital to Liverpool Street Station.

At Liverpool Street Station I caught a slow train to Cambridge.

At Cambridge the train to King’s Lynn had been delayed.

At King’s Lynn, the person who was going to give me a lift from there to the tiny village I was aiming for had decided, very sensibly, to get to the service on time and I had to wait for a taxi.

At the church I arrived just in time to see the hearse whizzing away to the crematorium [close family members only].

I walked to the gathering in the village hall, managed to say hello to the most important people and to drink several cups of tea before having to say my goodbyes after a mere two hours.

I shared a taxi back to Kings Lynn, took a train straight back to Kings Cross [the line had re-opened], walked round the corner to St Pancras station and from there, surrounded by the crush of the rush hour, travelled [via Haywards Heath – change for Polegate]  back to  where I had parked the car that morning.

I got home just before 9:00 pm having left at 7:00 am.

12 hours travelling – I missed the funeral, wasn’t able to say my proper goodbyes and didn’t have nearly enough time to talk with the widower and children ….. a ‘stress free’ day – tee hee – all for the bargain price of £120 …… oh well.