Everyone is racist. “Belgium is good for producing delicious chocolates”. I bet there are some rubbish chocolatiers over there. “The Scottish are all very careful with their money”. Loads must get fooled by con artists.

Everyone is sexist. “Men cannot use washing machines, load dishwashers properly or speak about their feelings”. I feel that my washing machine and dishwasher skills are brilliant although, obviously, there’s room for improvement.

Everyone has some traits that would be perceived as very non-pc by today’s hyper critical, head-up-their-own-bottoms, self opinionated, self appointed tsars of moral values who populate all forms of mass communication who, by their very hyper critical, head-up-their-own-bottoms, self opinionated views, and self opinionatedness prove my point very nicely thank you.

No one is perfect … except Lo, she is a terrible Goddess …. naturally.

(This post rewritten several times to try and avoid knee-jerk reactions and unthinking ripostes. To be honest with oneself really is a necessity and sadly missing in many people)