It was a superb day yesterday from the get-go, so I made the decision to wear some shorts so that I could  soak up some rays, and also remind the TG why she married me. (Quite honestly, as strategies go, it wasn’t that successful. Lo,TG Ed)

Lo, she is a terrible Goddess looked me up and down and muttered :

“Ah yes, I remember, the promised career and money – oh well.”

I went into the garden to do some digging and began to get a tad hot and sweaty so removed my t-shirt.

The TG stopped sipping her Bucks Fizz, put down her book, and glanced up from her recliner. There was a pause ………. (I’d say it was a pregnant pause…… Lo,TG Ed)

“Sit ups.”

………and returned to her refreshments and tome.

A goddess of few words ……… hmmmmmmm…………. [which apparently she’s just added too]