70’s is one year nearer to her pension, which quite frankly is a tad worrying, as she’ll have way too much time on her hands at that stage and nobody will have any peace at all. (By the time she collects her pension, Peabrain, I don’t think it’ll be something you’re worrying about. Lo,TG Ed)

Of course, I have been preparing for the day for several minutes now and have produced these succulent morsels for her.

This my civilised response to her surprise gift on my birthday.

Unfortunately she’s on a diet at the moment, having overdone the ferret kebabs and pigeon korma over the festive season, so please feel free to help yourselves, having first popped over to wish her a Happy Birthday of course.

Three cheers for 70’s “Hip hip – hooray, hip hip – hooray, hip hip – hooray!!!!”.


(Happy Birthday, dear 70’s,

Haappy Birthday to youuuuuuu! Tra-la! Lo,TG Ed)