I had one of those flashes of insight, probably had by many already, that tied up a few loose ends that have been floating round my head for ages.


My grandson, who has dabbled, and one of my middle-aged sons, who has immersed himself completely, have played Minecraft. I have been shown it but never felt any urge to dig deeper into it’s world. It’s a world where you have the simplest of tools and blocks of ‘stuff’. It’s as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. One realisation I had was that it’s a computer version of Lego. Start simply, make a tower perhaps and then knock it down and then, if you get hooked, you could go on and make a car driven by goldfish*. Simple building blocks that when fitted together can create whatever you want, good or bad, funny or sad, useful or just for fun. A perfect illustration of a crossover from the plastic to the digital.

However the main flash of understanding I had was getting the answer to why I found people saying “get a life” to geeks, nerds, game players, and old folk on Facebook,  annoying and rather rude. Computers, the Interweave, Twitter etc etc exist – they are now part of the world just as much as sand, bricks, air and iron. Some will use this new aspect of life to create, others to destroy. There are those who join in and those who just observe and those who ignore it all completely. It’s an extension, a rather huge addition, that’s grown a tad too rapidly for comfort. We wouldn’t die if it all disappeared the same way as we wouldn’t perish if cars weren’t around. Digital technology is quite handy though and it’s real.

BTW what’s for tea?

* Reference to something shown on QI – a car made from Lego and powered by a goldfish … brilliant.

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