I’m a Baby Boomer and Grumpy Ted is a Teddy Boomer. After us came Generation X according to the author, Douglas Coupland.

Little Ted thought that we’d better read some of his work.
Douglas Coupland

How come he’d escaped both our notices (?) before, I have no idea. Don’t be put off by the fact that he’s Canadian – obviously there’s more to Canada than elks, beavers, and very polite Mounties who apologise before they shoot you.

I’ve just read another tome by him called “All Families Are Psychotic” – a bit like the Simpsons on LSD. I won’t let Grumpy read that yet as he’s still digesting “Girlfriend in a Coma” which reminded him of another “what’sitallabout-let’sjiggleourmindsarounduntilsomethingfallsout-mygoodnessisn’tgrowing upabore” type of book, “The Magus” by John Fowles.

I’m sure that a certain little lady in Portugal will approve of our reading matter.