My life has changed since Lo, she is a terrible Goddess has got new eyes.


1. I have to be very wary about making faces.
2. Apparently dribbling food down one’s front is a ‘no no’.
3. Shoes should be at least clean if not polished.
4. I can actually be seen even if I’m sitting VERY still on the sofa.
5. Furniture should be moved if vacuum cleaning – this came as rather a shock.
6. Dancing naked at the bottom of the garden is not to be encouraged. (I have never ever encouraged that – not in your case. Lo,TG Ed)
7. Wearing one’s false teeth is a good thing.
8. It is no longer possible to hide behind the standard lamp. (You do live in a fantasy world, don’t you? Lo,TG Ed)
9. Shaving every day is a necessity ……. sheeessssh.
10. Presenting bits of broken glass as diamonds is no longer possible even if attached to ring-pulls.

I have a feeling that this list might grow longer ……..