I’m looking forward to the new film “Thoroughly Modem Millie” where Lo, she is a terrible Goddess takes the role of Julie Andrews in the updated version of “Thoroughly Modern Millie”.
An exciting tale of interweave dating, murder, mayhem and soggy gingernuts. Will the boy get the girl? Will the girl be able to get rid of the boy? Be prepared to experience the gamut of emotions from boredom to lethargy to apathy. It would also be quite sensible to take a snack and a telephone so you can chat to friends as it’s a very long film.

“I was on the edge of my seat from the opening scene.” said Uma Thurman “Unfortunately I couldn’t get up and leave as my skirt got stuck on a nail.”

Modestly forbids me from saying who plays DP – I’ll just say Johnny ….. in undercrackers!