Please find clear and simple directions below

on how to find Fairlight’s Column!


Fairlight nestles to the East of Hastings right on the coast. It can be found.

There is just one road into Fairlight which also has to be used to escape. Basically it’s one large cul-de-sac which goes part way to explaining why the residents are often seen going round in circles.

Enter the village via this road by car, bus, tricycle etc or by foot. Zimmer frames are welcome, indeed they are encouraged.

Proceed South towards the sea. Eventually you will arrive at a roundabout, locally known as the Circle. Go straight over this landmark (not literally, unless on foot. There have been incidents of cars driving straight across leaving tyre marks on the grass. The furore this caused resulted in several locals raising their eyebrows and the “tut” that emanated from someone that actually lives on the Circle will haunt me for decades).

Anyhoo, where was I? Oh yes … continue southwards until you can go no further without falling down the cliff. Park whatever vehicle you’ve used in a sensible and considerate fashion, tie horses to lamp posts, roller skates should be removed and carried etc, and proceed on foot following the unmade track to the LEFT. This forms part of the Saxon Shore Way which is now known as the Saxon Shore No-way as the sea reclaimed a part of it a few years ago. I blame the French.

Eventually you will find Fairlight’s Column! along with the Fairlight Eye.

Please feel free to photograph this edifying edifice and spread the word with the use of social media and by talking to members of your support groups during therapy sessions.

(Exciting news about the proposed smallest sculpture gallery in the world, Fairlight Modern, will appear here very soon)