For some now I’ve been trying to think of a way to integrate the virtual and the real world in a sculptural form. Eventually I came up with a solution.

This sculpture shows the inner workings of the Time and Relative Dimension in Space machine that Dr Who uses.

With the aid of Smart phone technology you will be able to experience and consequently understand the rocket science that enabled this rather clever device to exist here … and there.

If I ever manage to persuade an art gallery to show this piece I’m hoping that modern day cyber kids will find something that interests them and also to demonstrate that the fantastic tools that we have in the various forms of modern technology can be used for more than looking at cats, advertising, playing games and grumbling at the world.

I’m only just beginning to see the value of QR codes and how they could be used effectively other than advertising. For a start, art galleries could use them next to painting, sculptures and installations that require some explanation other than existence or if the artist wants to provide information that he/she thinks would add to the experience. It won’t be that far in the future when everyone has a Smart phone.

By the way, to be able to follow where my sculpture leads, you’ll need two Smart phones.

The sculpture is called Who’s In There.

(The QR code does work in the actual sculpture, even within the cage, but doesn’t in the photo. I’ve reproduced it below.)

The Black Hole