I am fully expecting that my latest invention is going to make me very rich.

I have been very concerned for a number of years about the canaries that are used in mines to detect lethal gas. It was not a good sign if the canary keeled over and died, particularly for the canary of course.

I have spent literally hours on perfecting an animal friendly detector.

Pencil Ducktector 2

The Ducktector which appears to float in thin air starts to turn green when gas is detected but is not harmed in any way. The science behind this is way beyond your rather feeble brains avid readers so I won’t go into details. It’s very economical to run as it never needs feeding.

I know what you’re thinking. “Silly old fool hasn’t realised that mining is almost nonexistent in the UK. He’ll never make a fortune.”

I do realise that of course. I’m not an idiot. I’m going to target old people’s homes so that visitors can decide whether or not to go into any particular room. I know – brilliant!

Open Studios Duck !!! 1

Actually, I’ve just been examining the coloured picture. Have you just ……..?