……. for those with a very low excitement threshold.

Here is the list of commenters for April and one lucky person is going to win this ……..

…….. no, not me! (I can hear the collective sigh of relief. Lo,TG Ed) – the t-shirt [which now has that distinctive ‘whiff of DP’ – tee hee.

JohnC, Gitwizard, Fracas, 70steen, Sylvie, Archie, Lizza, Somnambulist, Olga, Kate, Angelika, Drowsey, Diane, Static, Surftwin, Medstudentwife, Penfold, Stinkypaw, David Quigley, Linky Love, Belinha, Daisyfae, Karen, A, Thinkinfyou, Zed, Jinny, B4by, Stickman, Bodyc, Annahopn, People in the Sun, Fifitrixibelle, Kandy, Pett, Nursemyra and Tango.

The names were put in a hat [actually, I couldn’t find a hat so we used a pair of my undercrackers] and the TG pulled out the winner!!!!


I’m delighted of course as Lizza was one of the first people to leave a comment when I first started writing this rubbish but the postage is going to be horrendous – oh well – I did promise I suppose.

Hopefully, when it finally arrives in the Philippines, Lizza will model it for us.

(Lizza, he insisted on being allowed to model your prize; I know this is slightly alarming, but try not to worry too much, he was thoroughly fumigated beforehand. Lo,TG Ed)