The weather yesterday actually allowed me to sit outside and soak up a few disparate rays. The temperature was just in double figures and there was virtually no wind.

I was just enjoying this brief anomaly when I became aware of Lo, she is a terrible Goddess approaching.

I knew exactly what I’d done wrong as a specific punishment was meted. One [moderate] shin kick [left leg] and a raised eyebrow meant ………


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……… I’d left the loo seat in the upright position. Obviously I’ve been trained in this department for many years, but I’d got diverted by a zipper problem that, without full concentration, might have meant yet another trip to A&E. The relief when I had sorted that out made me forget one of the cardinal rules.

Of course, I couldn’t continue enjoying the sun in the garden. I knew where my duty lay. I love doing housework and reciting love poems at the same time ……… in a way.


(Personally, I’d have said it was more of a nudge – what have I told you about exaggerating? Lo,TG Ed)