1. I have been alerted by those lovely people at Fuelmyblog about PAW.

I hate buying presents for kids. Not because I hate kids – some are quite nice, from a distance – no, it’s because I never know what to buy them and I hate wasting money. Actually, I hate spending money, it doesn’t grow on trees you know – except the very rare lemon flavoured dime that can be discovered in as yet undiscovered places north of the Thames.

Anyhoo, check out the PAW site for a great way to solve a LOT of problems – very clever!

2. I know that there are a few deranged avid readers who hail from across the pond and that they live in lovely areas.

Check out the Fresh Air Fund who arrange holidays for kids who live in New York City to try out different environments and give them a break. They still need some hosts for this year. Obviously I would take loads but luckily I live in ‘Old’ England *phew* [followed by a quick tee hee just in case somebody doesn’t share my sense of humour*].

3. The DP Retirement Fund does not yet exist but any donations are very welcome. I need teeth, a spare spare wooden leg, some llama fodder and a never ending supply of shin pads – thank you.

*Please note the correct spelling of ‘humour’.
(I see the PAW site features Bumblebee Conservation… is this a consequence of the activities of a character featured in the 6th History lesson? Lo, TG Ed)