We all have, to a greater or lesser extent, those voices in our heads that say things like –

“You can’t do that – you’re not clever enough.”

“Do you really think it was a good idea to tell her that yes, her bum does look big in that?” (I think you know the answer to that by now. Lo,TG Ed)

“I wouldn’t if I were you, you’ll look like an idiot.”

“No wonder you feel guilty – YOU ARE!!!.”

The best way I’ve found to exorcise these demons is to think of something funny – it usually works in getting things into perspective.

I imagine standing in a mirrored room completely naked. (That’s not at all funny. Lo,TG Ed) There are mirrors on the walls, ceiling and, horror of horrors, on the floor…….

…….. and then Uma Thurman walks in and collapses in hysterics. It never fails – nothing could be worse than that.

I’m considering setting up such a room so that I can take a picture which I’ll be quite happy to share with you, should you be interested ……..