Now here’s a minefield.

Choice is meant to be a good thing … isn’t it? I’m not that sure actually. Sometimes I stand in front of a display of yoghurts, for instance, and feel completely overwhelmed and wish that there were only six choices … to include the crushed gingernut dipper … obviously.

And then, on the other hand, I might go to a DIY shop and get very annoyed I can’t get a left hand thread, 5 flanged pink gusset restraining link.

It’s at this point that I have to start using my brain and my hands. If I buy a confused threaded, 3 flanged black gusset restraining link (available almost anywhere) I can adapt it using a fine file, a welding kit, a touch of BlueTac and a pot of paint. Very satisfying.

If, like me, you have a lop sided bum … huge left buttock and perfectly pert right … and can only find one pair of trousers that fit perfectly … but the material is ‘orrible … buy them and then unpick them so you have a pattern to use on a material you really like … crushed maroon velvet in my case … and then, a few stitches later, you have your ideal pants*!. Again very satisfying.

My conclusion is that choice is rather overrated and can inhibit creativity … as well as being rather confusing.

*Not related to the gusset restraining link in any way BTW

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