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I’ve built the mountain and now I’ve almost finished constructing the babbling brook that cascades down its’ craggy sides, flows across the pampas and gently drops into the lake [which I dug out by hand] that the goldfish call home. This is a photo of one of our neighbours enjoying the fruits of my labour. […]


Avid Readers, you will remember I was last seen being frogmarched into the security officer’s lair. I won’t go into the details. Suffice it to say that after a very rigorous search of the bags and an all-embracing search of my person the phantom bottle was not found. The security man scratched his head. “This […]


Avid Readers, I may have seemed a tad casual as I prepared to tuck away the receipt, however, with the faint echo of the TG’s voice ringing gently in my ear I decided to check to make sure I’d been awarded the 55p rebate due for the gingernut ‘bulk buy’. Yes. No problems, thank goodness. […]


Although it was raining hard Lo, she is a terrible Goddess insisted suggested that I went shopping – votive offerings were running low. I had to park quite a way from the supermarket so by the time I had managed to find a trolley, find that I’d left the £1 coin needed to release it […]


Stardate – 1.1.2666 The plan has worked! The last human Adam Ching Xu has died – Earth is ours to play with again. We must do better this time. They knew they’d got it wrong but refused to change. We had to clear the playing field without resorting to total destruction. Our cunning plan to […]


With a heavy heart he loaded the shopping into the back of the car and slammed the tailgate shut. He clambered rather awkwardly into the driving seat and just sat there staring out of the grubby windscreen. He decided the best thing to do was to go to the nearest A&E. If only he hadn’t […]


He started the engine and instead of turning left he turned right and headed for the hospital. He arrived at A&E and eventually spoke to the triage nurse. She made copious notes. He sat patiently waiting to be called in to see a doctor. Eventually his patience paid off and he became an official patient. […]


He decided that a glimpse of the sea might help him settle down a bit so he drove down to the car park on the beach next to the ancient black skyscrapers that years ago were used for drying nets. He stared out to sea but couldn’t get comfortable so reversed, turned and headed home. […]


He drove slowly up to the house, got out of the car and opened the tailgate. He knew there would be questions. “Where have you been? You’ve been a long time.” “Oh nowhere …… I went and had a look at the sea. I’ll sort out the shopping and then make us a nice cup […]

A SHORT STORY – in reverse

Part 5 “Never mind – I was going to crush them anyway to make a base for a cheese cake. Are there a couple of whole ones left to have with our cuppa? – I do enjoy a gingernut about this time of day.” [All characters in this story are fictitious and any resemblance to […]