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Due to the financial crisis I have not bought Lo, she is a terrible Goddess any chocolates, flowers, diamonds, gingernuts or little black numbers. Neither have I arranged to take her to the theatre, a restaurant, a fashion show or the supermarket. (Ronald will be disappointed. LO, TG Ed) However, I vow not to irritate […]


I had settled down on the sofa holding my cup of tea when Lo, she is a terrible Goddess started talking to me from the kitchen. I wasn’t really concentrating and after I’d made the obligatory grunt, my mind wandered off in the direction of something more important. There’s a DIY chain of shops over […]


This is an illustration of the type of illustration I’m doing to illustrate my tome. I haven’t done so much drawing since I was at primary school …… in those days done with chalk on a slate …… obviously. (That reminds me of someone relatively close to us. One of your relatives, obviously. Lo,TG Ed) […]


So, I’ve been rummaging, cutting and pasting, deleting and *tapping*. I’m aiming for a tome about 200 pages long. I have sorted out enough material for 1/2 a book so far. I reckon another couple of weeks to select the last 100 pages and then the work will begin in earnest. I intend to print […]


I’ve learnt how to say “Good morning” etc. and “Sorry”. However my most useful phrase is “Do you speak English?” If the answer is “Yes” there’s no problem, but if the answer is “Nao” I resort to my pad and pen and start drawing. A few years ago I needed to buy some rat poison […]

SAFE AND SOUND OF MIND … or so I thought.

It’s my own fault. I have no-one to blame but myself. I was getting, quite rightly, concerned about the tendency of my mind to wander. Using a technique I learnt from a Shaman that lived under the railway arches of New Cross in SE London, I gathered a large proportion of my thoughts and placed […]


The fine art of Spadgering has unfortunately been largely forgotten [apart from some pockets where the sport is still practised in rural areas on the East coast of England (Ar, that’ll be Norfolk then. Lo,TG Ed)] so I thought it would be worth recording the main rules although I played the game only a couple […]


Tiggz popped over for lunch the other day and came up with an idea for a cartoon. What was reeeeally funny was that 2 of the greatest brains on the planet …… and mine …… took about 3 hours to refine it ……. oh well. (What were reeeelly funny were the ones we came up […]


Technogran came closest to my original caption [which was “Any distinguishing features?] to the LMAO cartoon competition I posted just over a week ago. Luckily I used the word ‘exact’ in the conditions of entry  so nobody wins a t-shirt!  …….. *phew – puts wallet back under the floor boards* Anyhoo, as I’m feeling very […]


I’ve covered up my caption …….. got any ideas of your own? If anyone gets the exact caption to my marvellous, witty and badly drawn cartoon, they’ll win a DP t-shirt!!!!!! Have a lovely weekend – may your bottoms fall off on a regular basis. . Match of the Day .