CAR STORY – Part 5


Lo, she is a terrible Goddess woke up in an efficient mood.

“This is ridiculous. Telephone the breakers, tell them to pick up the Volvo, and then take the hire car back. We’re going to buy either the Hyundai, I can use a cushion, or the car at the local dealers. Whoever comes up with the best deal – that’s the car we’re having.”

I phoned the breakers who said that they could pick it up that afternoon. As the TG wasn’t listening, I explained there was £60’s worth of petrol in it. Strangely, they didn’t seem interested.

I took the hire car back – total mileage 345 miles.

The TG, using her ‘mellifluous laced with tempered steel’ tone, negotiated a very good price on the car from the local garage … the car that was literally the nearest to home, a mere mile away.

Farewell *sigh*

In the afternoon I waved a sad goodbye to the Volvo whilst pocketing some cash, and then waved again as our new beast arrived. It isn’t a Volvo but it is the youngest car we’ve ever owned with only 15,000 miles on the clock and half the price of the last car we bought.


I’ve taken to hiding in it for reasons of health and safety: the TG would never run the risk of getting blood on the seats. However she did say that if I scratched or dented it, or got gingernut crumbs on the upholstery she’d kill* me. I do love a themed week.

(*Honestly! As if I’d go to so much trouble. Lo,TG Ed)