Someone who shall remain nameless and shameless, Diane at Much of a Muchness, has nominated my humble yet brilliant blog for various categories at the Blogger Awards 2009.

I’m going to need some help to crawl in an upward direction in the huge Blogpile.

To stimulate your enthusiasm for realistic votes for the Hottest Daddy Blogger Award here is a recent photograph of me that has in no way whatsoever, cross my knees and hope not to leave a stain (Oh Lord……….  Lo,TG Ed), been tampered with in anyway at all at all ………

…….. and here is an old photograph of my children who owe me so much now they are in their forties. Crikey, they were even given their own cardboard boxes to play with when they turned 18.

I would just like to point out that I will know who has voted for me and I have a loaded TG and I’m not afraid to use her.

I will issue reminders at regular intervals for the next few months ……….. [buttons to the right BTW.]