Life at the apartment

1. Dunking your biscuit into a milky drink gives you up to 11 times more flavour release than from eating the dry biscuit alone.

2. The word ‘biscuit’ derives from the Latin phrase ‘panem biscoctum’ or bread twice baked. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it was spelt ‘bisket’ from the 16th to 18th century, and the current spelling is “a senseless adoption of the modern French spelling, without the French pronunciation.

3. Glendale Country Show near Wooler, Northumberland hosts the annual World Biscuit Throwing Championship. Contestants have to throw a McVitie’s Rich Tea Biscuit, which is perfectly round, as far as they can.

4. More than nine out of ten people plumped for the elaborately designed custard cream, as their favourite bikkie.

5. The inspiration for fortune cookies dates back to when Chinese soldiers slipped rice paper messages into moon cakes to help the co-ordination of their defense against Mongolian invaders.

6. There is a British Biscuit Advisory board which claims to be ‘The Voice of Biscuits.’

7. A survey showed 29 per cent of adults say they have been splashed or scalded by hot drinks while dunking biscuits.

8. 28 per cent of Brits have choked on crumbs, while ten per cent have broken a tooth or filling biting a biccy.

9. In 1991, a VAT tribunal in the UK ruled that a Jaffa cake is not a biscuit, saving Jaffa 17.5 per cent tax.

10. The Biscuit Eater was a Hollywood film made in the 1940’s which became an unexpected smash hit. It stars Billy Lee who adopts a dog named Promise. The dog turns out to be a “biscuit eater”- a dog that refuses to hunt for anything but its own food.

[Words stolen from somewhere but the photo is mine]