I  have never played bingo on-line and only once in real life. To try and keep me occupied I suspect, those kind and thoughtful folk over at Fuel My Blog pointed me and other people to Mr Bingo’s site and have asked for a review. My name will go in a hat and, if I’ve applied enough glue, will win an absolute fortune.

I’m extremely fussy about, and easily confused by, a lot of web-sites. They should be easy to read and intuitive, making you instinctively press the right buttons to find the information you need. I am very sorry to say that Mr Bingo …….

………. has succeeded ….. which is very annoying as I like to complain if at all possible.

There are on-line reviews of the different games available, advice on improving your chances and even  information on what the Bingo Master calls his balls – “ Rhymes with eleven – number 11.” ” Very good friends – 69!” Actually I made those up, although I believe that nowadays ‘88’ has to be called “Two ladies with wonderful personalities.”

Security issues are dealt with, there’s an active forum and promotions – all in all well organised, idiot proof and a delight to review.

Now shusssssh, one more number and I’m a winner ……. hang on ……… hang on ……. HOUSEY BINGO ME ME ME!!!!!!!!