Lo, she is a terrible Goddess and I went for a walk down at Pett level the other day to test out her new eyes.

Once again it was like being with a six year old. I had to stop and wait for her every few minutes as she examined things both near and far.

Anyhoo, we walked along to Cliff End – indeed, the end of the very cliffs on top of which we reside.

Winter paddling

If you look carefully in the shadow of the large lump of driftwood, you’ll see there’s some snow there. It was 1 degree above freezing. There was a family there in shorts, accompanied by a dog, and they were paddling.

I’m never sure whether to be proud or ashamed of being British in this sort of situation – I know that mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun but this sort of behaviour strikes me as being particularly extreme.