BBQ ....

We had a BBQ last Saturday. I played the role of caveman … obviously. The effect was slightly marred by the pinny that Lo, she is a terrible Goddess made me wear, and the scream I let out when a sausage spat in my eye. (I wonder if pre-historic man made such a performance out of it. Probably. Lo,TG Ed)

I perfected the art of caramelisation on the drum sticks, as the fear of salmonella has been very well ingrained into my psyche. I followed the 5 second rule on the delicious little bits and bobs that fell to the ground.

The results were extremely tasty and the level of carbon consumed neutralised the smell of gaseous emissions that occurred later in the day – rather like Odour Eaters for the digestive system.

The TG even went as far as to say “These chops are a very good work out for the jaw muscles, Peabrain.”

All in all a huge success …….. and the weather behaved itself as well.


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