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Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Born this day in 1864.
The Medical Inspection at the Rue des Moulins Brothel (1894)
He had a short but very productive and interesting life.


One of the things I love about Portugal is the inability to converse with the natives.

As we all know the majority of the spoken word is wasted on expressing opinions of little worth, silly banter and boring anecdotes. (Avid readers fall into a different category …. obviously).
I’m very pleased to keep my communication restricted to [...]


…. to write my words of wisdom?

Playing with TextEdit on MacBook Pro.

Apple really need to make an effort in some areas. (<—- words of wisdom)


… the fight continues for the right to sit or lie down and put things away in drawers.
The Flatpack War of 2014 in Central Portugal was a close run affair with the comfort of Lo, she is a terrible goddess at stake.
The pictures below are quite shocking. I suggest you have a cup of tea [...]


One of the most effective ways to increase one’s efficiency  is to purchase an electric kettle.

Beverages are consumed by civilised people several times a day. They are vital to help clear thought and to create open receptive eyes.
With the use of an electric kettle the minimum amount of time is wasted. Filling the old fashioned [...]


Hot air and wind have long been associated with me and so it seemed appropriate to develop the Fairlight Eye into a wind powered icon of my true nature. I know, it’s very moving … but only when the wind is in a certain direction. Many thanks to the tins of baked beans that made [...]


(Sex, drugs and rock and troll)

Good and bad
Happy and sad
Commotions, devotions
Silly emoticons
Twitter tried
And Facebook fried
Adored, deplored
(Worst of all ignored!)
Whatever you say
It’s here to stay.

Memorial for Frog

Frog is floating towards whatever counts as heaven in his world and serves as a reminder that dogs are, in the most part, good eggs.
Sculpture made for Tiggz in memory of his dog, Frog.
Any resemblance to Damien Hirst’s “ The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living” is purely coincidental. He should [...]


My work practice
Sometimes thoughts collide and create unforeseen connections. These are often fleeting and nothing is done about them. Occasionally they are so interesting that the connections are worth exploring for a while, accompanied by a mental “Hmmm”. Very rarely these thoughts coalesce into a concrete idea that might be worth making. Then the decision [...]


Sometimes, Lo, she is a terrible Goddess, takes a fancy to a particular amuse bouche and I’m dispatched to the local COOP to buy whatever it takes to satisfy her cravings. Today it was rosé wine and Twiglets with a copy of the Radio Times to stimulate her mind.
I usually stop off on the way [...]