……. although I have nasty suspicion I know what it will be.

The project for this coming winter is to convert the attached garage into part of the living accommodation.

The plan up to yesterday afternoon was to use it as a tiny office for the TG with the vast majority of the space to be used by me as a blogging and art centre – tables, easels, light boxes, computers, mini-bar and sofa. (Now you can see the full extent of his delusional personality. Lo,TG Ed)

My worst nightmare happened again yesterday when the Lo, she is a terrible Goddess, fixed me with her steely gaze and said…. “I’ve been thinking” – the most terrifying phrase in my life – oft repeated.

The TG has now suggested that it would make a fantastic bedroom, as the wall on the garden side is going to have floor to ceiling glass doors. She says that it would be a lovely place to lie in bed, looking into the garden. She says I can get up really early in the morning and bring her breakfast in bed, throw open the curtains and on warm days open the sliding doors so she can hear the soft sounds of birds twittering, the foliage rustling and smell the perfumed flowers. (She says, Hmm, that might have a calming effect. Lo,TG Ed)

Naturally, I make all the important decisions in the household *looks around to make sure no-one is listening* but this one is very tricky.

What do you think? I should add I have a very good supply of shin pads. (Full body armour would be more efficacious. Lo,TG Ed)