I know, you’re asking whether this really matters or not.

Lo, she is a terrible Goddess tends towards perfection when it comes to the English language and is constantly trying to correct (Instil, Peabrain, instil. One can’t correct the non-existent. Lo,TG Ed) mine. Unfortunately I missed out on the Grammar lesson at school and consequently have little or no idea of what she spouts about.


Take tenses for instance – apparently only two in English – simples …

‘English has two tenses by which verbs are inflected: a non-past tense (present tense) and a past tense (indicated by ablaut or the suffix -ed). What is commonly called the future tense in English is indicated with a modal auxiliary, not verbal inflection.’

……… eh!!?! – the whole subject makes me feel tense actually – I’m going for a little lie-down now …….

(I have been tensed I am tensing – or should that be Hillary? hmm. – I will be tenser. Lo,TG Ed)

[Latin translation for the ignorant – i.e. them what are too lazy to have a Google, ‘You’ve been misusing the subjunctive again’]