I’ve been given the opportunity [via Fuelmyblog of course – you really should join up and join in] to try absinthe for the first time by the lovely people behind the Absinthe-Shop. I know, I know, at my age I should have tried it already ……… my innocence and ignorance knows no bounds.


Anyhoo my first problem was that there are no sugar cubes in the house – part of the ritual of drinking absinthe is dribbling ice cold water over a sugar cube placed on a special spoon with holes in it so the sugared water runs into the absinthe. The spoon was also kindly supplied by the Absinthe-Shop. I was going to ask Aloe Vera if she had a couple of lumps I could borrow to dribble over but decided against this as she tends to misunderstand me.

I spoke to Jen, one of the powers behind the Absinthe-Shop, and she told me that the type that I had been sent didn’t need sugar – marvellous.

I chilled some water and poured it onto the absinthe. It turned cloudy like pastis or ouzo does…… [Just had a Google – pastis emerged some 17 years later, following the ban on absinthe. Absinthe is unbanned now of course; you can read all about the ban on the Absinthe-Shop web site].

A sip …… mmmmmm.

Another sip ………..

Another sip ……… interesting.

The finish reminded me of pastis, but the flavours at the beginning are very ……. earthy. Rather nice actually.

Another sip ……

Another sip ……. very consistent ……… earthy, musky flavours and then the aniseed finish ……. very nice.

OK, I’m going to try it now with a little sugar mixed in although I can’t do the drizzling thing …….. ooooo, yes I can, the little sugar we’ve got has gone lumpy ……… result!

*balances carefully* …….. *dribbles even more carefully* ……

OK *sip* …….. mmmmm, even softer than before …….. very nice.


I also award my seal of approval to the Absinthe Shop web site. It looks good, it works clearly and logically and there are some very interesting tidbits about the history of absinthe and the myths surrounding it. And, of course, there is a fine selection of different types of the elixir ……… well done Jen and Neil!!!! Now, get on with some arty farty stuff!!!!


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