Earlier this month in a moment of madness I promised one lucky avid reader a chance to win this bespoke t-shirt ….

…… and time is running out.

It would appear that there are quite a few people read this load of rubbish and don’t leave comments – quite frankly this is a very poor state of affairs.

The TG is primed to draw a name out of a pair slippers for one lucky commenter to win this magnificent sartorial masterpiece. One day it will (‘be rank.’ Lo,TG Ed) rank with the Moaning Lisa and Van Gogh’s earlobe as a ‘must have’ with a value beyond the dreams of avarice [not that I’m encouraging sinning of course].

If a lurker or stalker out there leaves a comment and I survive the ensuing heart attack, they would stand an excellent chance of winning because, quite frankly, I’m prepared to rig the whole competition.

[Oh, BTW it’s the TG’s birthday today – please leave a birthday wish to take the pressure off the fact that I might have forgotten – thanks]


(Ahem. Nobody needs to feel pressured into this, obviously………… Lo,TG Ed, shyly.)