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Blimey, there was something on TV this week that was really rather good – and it was British.

“Married Single Other” [ ITV1, Mondays at 9pm – a six parter] is well written and well acted. There’s even a child actor in it that’s good. I’d given up on British kids acting well especially since the start of the Harry Potter films.

Sort of like “Cold Feet”, I reckon that this is definitely one to watch. I suspect it might go down a well trodden path but if it’s done well ….. what the heck. Of course, it might not, which would be even betterer.

Daddy Papersurfer rating – 4 false teeth and 3 unexpected hair growths.

[Eeeeeek, I wrote this a few days ago – you’d better catch up with the first episode on the interweave ASAP – the next episode is TONIGHT!]