I’ve been concerned about gravity for some time. Nobody knows exactly what it is and why it does what it does. We all know it makes apples fall to the ground but we don’t know why exactly.

I’m worried that it is a variable which could explain why dinosaurs were so large – gravity wasn’t so strong in them thar days, which let them grow really big. (Yes, but Peabrain, you think that flies are born small and then grow…. Lo,TG Ed)  Of course, the rate that the world spins could explain that ……. the faster it spins the lighter we would be …… perhaps that’s the variable. BTW I reckon that if you stand on the equator you would weigh less than if you were standing on the poles because the world spins faster there – weight watchers take note.

Lo, she is a terrible Goddess doesn’t see my concerns as a worry but I beg to differ. I have a vision, taking into account these possible variables, that the sea might suddenly start disappearing off into space which would mean that you couldn’t rely on going for a refreshing swim at the seaside for example without a very long walk first. (No your concerns are very worrying, I just don’t worry about the sea falling off in to space. Lo,TG Ed)

Somebody has got to worry about such things and I suppose it might as well be me ………. oh well.

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