I was sitting on the sofa the other day rearranging my chakras when I suddenly remembered that it’s Lo, she is a terrible Goddess’s birthday today.

I snuck into her Amazon Wish List using lappytop when she wasn’t looking but then decided it would be more meaningful & personal if I made the effort and went to the local garage.

“Just popping out to buy some grout”

“OK” she said “take your time.” I could swear she sighed with relief, so she’d probably guessed what I was up to.

When I got back I hid her presents and found her sitting at the computer.

“That’s odd” she said “someone has added Gorilla Feet to my Wish List and, what’s moresomeone has bought them!

Whoops and double whoops. I’d inadvertently added them to the wrong Wish List after I’d been searching for ideas for her birthday and had gone on to do a little personal browsing.

I decided to confess to what I’d been up to.

“Well, at least you remembered my birthday. Do you remember the year you forgot and what happened afterwards?”

“Indeed I do my angel. Rearranging my chakras always acts as a mnemonic.”

“Oh, and then there was that time you bought my presents from the local garage. Horrible.” she said shaking her head.


Oh dear, if only I’d had to apply some cream to the stations of my cross, I would have remembered. I never thought I’d be saying I wished my rash would return.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you, I promised Aloe Vera I’d pick her up from shopping. Gotta go!!!” and with that I rushed out … again.

Note to self : buy a diary with an alarm system. OF COURSE, THE iPOD … or iPHONE … or LAPPYTOP, one of those must be able to help me.


PS To the kind person who has bought the Gorilla Feet, thank you very much *suppresses giggle*