I’ve been terribly busy of late
There are so many things to be done
Roll out of my bed and shower and shave
Toast and then butter a sweet sticky bun.

Then a little sit down to plan out the day
With a coffee to wake up my brain.
The garden needs digging and the grass is quite long
I’d better press on – oh no here’s the rain.

Plan number two, the shelves in the hall
They’ve needed tending and fixing for weeks
I’ll just check my emails … and Facebook and Twitter
My goodness the world’s full of nutters and geeks.

Oooo – time for a break, have some biccies and tea
With the Saga magazine to leaf through.
And now I can’t think, because of the pace
If earlier I managed a scratch and a poo.

Never mind – I really must start on my chores
And use every moment that’s left
I’ll just switch on the telly to check on the weather
And oh dear, now what’s that? That poor woman’s bereft!

Where has the time gone? It’s time for my lunch
And a snooze to regain my will power.
The trouble is now it’s hardly worthwhile
To start anything new – I’ve just seen the hour.

Well another full day has been done and been dusted
It’s time to unwind and relax
I’m hoping the morrow will bring some relief
For my blisters, and more for my poor aching back.

(Don’t fret, Peabrain. There’s another large consignment of horse liniment arriving shortly. Lo,TG Ed)

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